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we have such a large variety of pies all are not available all the time but give us a little notice and we will do our best 

Always best to pre order the day before especially 

large orders 

Steak Pies

succulent  juicy stewing steak (supplied by Loders Butchers) slow cooked to perfection with our secret seasonings

also we have a mean spicy steak pie with sriracha jalapeño ?? (photo below) 


small £2.95 medium £6.00plate £6.90deep filled £6.90 large £7.95

Steak & Kidney Pies

the same slow cooked steak but with added kidney for flavour


small £2.95 med £6.00plate £6.90deep filled £6.90large £7.95

Beef Wellington Pies

after  a visit to Harrods I pinched their idea for a pie; chopped mushrooms , a slice of Brussels pate and our wonderful steak mix and its been popular every since


small £2.95 med £6.00plate £6.90 deep  filled £6.90 large  £7.95

Cheeky Dorset Knob Pie

this is our famous little pie thats been on telly.  Created for the Dorset Knob Fair which we attend every year. It is a filling of minced beef , worcester sauce , garden peas and onions . my youngest daughters favourite


small £2.95 med £6.00 plate £6.90 deep filled £6.90 large £7.95 



Steak and Stilton  Pie

our wonderful steak mix with stliton cheese that melts into the gravy


small £2.95 med £6.00 plate £6.90 deep filled £6.90 large £7.95 

Steak and Mushroom Pie

chunks of steak , pastry , gravy and woodland mushrooms

proper winter pie


small £2.95 med £6.00 plate £6.90 deep filled £6.90 large £7.95 

Chicken Pies

Tender chicken breast coated with a creamy white sauce .

you can have it plain or add one of the following

mushrooms , bacon , leeks & cheese , broccoli & cheese  , curry ,nandos, 


small £2.95 med £6.00 plate £6.90 deep filled £6.90 large £7.95


these are great for buffets & salads .

 we use local mature cheddar (Wykes Farm)

for that extra cheesy taste then add fillings

of your choice from mushrooms , tomato ,

spinach ,peppers , bacon ,onions

pineapple ,


small £2.10 medium £5 large £6 ex large £11 





Homity Pie

a war time pie made by the land girls due to rationing of meat.

Diced maris piper potatoes mixed with garlic , herbs , onions , mature cheddar and milk and baked with extra cheese on top. Lovely served warm with homemade coleslaw

or pimp it up and add smoky bacon 


small £2.95 medium £6.00 large £7.95

Hash brown pies 

Don’t like to much pastry ,check out these little beauties ? a pastry case filled with our homemade fillings and topped with hash browns 


steak & cheddar cheese £2.95


bbq chicken mozzarella cheese £2.95










Somerset Pasty 

minced beef , potatoe and vegetables

Lamb and mint pasties

minced lamb , spinach and mint

Lamb chilli pasties 

Minced lamb sriracha sauce


Veggie pasties  , cheddar cheese  ,mash and onion 



Guest pasties ,,,,

Scottish black pudding cheese and bacon 

pork/Apple & stuffing pasties 

chicken curry pasties

Pork Apple and stilton 

haggis pasties

roast chicken stuffing and veg

beef garlic mushroom 

beef madras 



all £2.95



Breakfast pies 

The Breakfast Pie

has an egg , sausage meat , bacon ,tomato  mushroom and tomato sauce


The Egg and Bacon Pie  is as it says 2 eggs and bacon


Cheese ,egg and bacon puff 


breakfast wrap

Baked beans sausage cheese and bacon


Full nelson (massive wagons)

A pastry plate filled with sausage,egg,bacon,mushroom,tomato,beans,black pudding,hash brown , literally a full English breakfast on pastry £3.25 


All great for early shift workers open from 7am just pre order and I’ll make sure it goes in the oven 1st 


small £2.95

Sausage Rolls

 Homemade sausage rolls , we make our own sausage meat so we know exactly what goes in them ,shoulder of pork with a Cambridgeshire seasoning.

you can have standard pork 

small £1.50 jumbo £2.95


or pre order any of these pimped up ones  and i will make them just 

for you. 

 £1.75 or £2.95

cheese and smoked bacon

tomato sauce and bacon 

stuffing and bacon 

cheese and marmite 

cheese and onion 

bbq chilli cheese 

or the sausage roll I dreamt about ( true story?)

its called a double barrel sausage roll ,so two sausage rolled in pastry and the gully is filled with any of the above flavours £2.95

again these need to be pre ordered as our made just for you 



Bramley Apple Pies

filled with bramley apples and a pastry crust sprinkled with sugar ,

you can have them plain or with raspberry or black cherry 

these won Gold at the 2012 British Pie Awards

take the hint and try one


small £1.50  large £5 

Pork pies

Opening times 7am till 2.30 pm tue to Fri

Contact us on 07793034914

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