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The Pie Menu will change every week so not all pies listed will be available .

Always best to pre order the day before especially for particular pies or 

large orders but we always have plenty of options in shop .

Piemans Steak choices 

Succulent  juicy stewing steak (supplied by griffths Butchers) slow cooked to perfection with our secret seasonings and a rich gravy.

Steak pie.

Steak and kidney pie.

Steak and stilton pie. 

Steak srichacha and jalapeños pie (spicy).

Steak cheese and hash brown pie .

American bbq steak slice with cheese (only small ).


small £3.20/ medium £6.40 /plate £7.30 /large £8.40

Piemans Chicken options 

Tender chicken breast coated with a creamy white sauce .

Chicken and bacon pie .

Plain Chicken.


Every week one of these will make the menu.

Bbq chicken hash brown pie.

Chicken and mushroom pie .

Chicken Nandos pie .

Chicken curry pie . 

Chicken cheese and leek pie .

Chicken and asparagus pie . 

Chicken Kfc spicey zinger hash brown pie .

Chicken cheese and chipotle pie . 




small £3.20 /med £6.40 /plate £7.30/large £8.40

Piemans Quiches

These are great for buffets & salads .

 we use local mature cheddar (Wykes Farm)

for that extra cheesy taste then add 2/3 fillings

of your choice from mushrooms , tomato ,leek,

spinach ,peppers , bacon ,red onions,sweetcorn,

pineapple ,


small £2.20/medium £5.40/large £6.40/ex large £12 





Piemans Pasties 

Each week we have Somerset pasties on plus two 

other pasties on rotation 


Somerset Pasties (beef potato and vegetable ).


Lamb and mint pasties (minced lamb , spinach and mint).


Lamb chilli pasties (Minced lamb sriracha sauce).


Veggie pasties ( cheese and triple onion).


Beef and garlic mushroom pasties .


Black pudding cheese and bacon pasties .


Chicken Tikka pasties .


Roast chicken and stuffing pasties .


Beef Madras pasties .


Chilli beef pasties .


Pork apple and stuffing pasties .


Haggis and swede pasties (January ).


all £3.20



Piemans Breakfast pies 

One choice will be on each week .


The Breakfast Pie.

(Egg , sausage meat , bacon ,tomato  mushroom and tomato sauce).


The Egg and Bacon Pie  is as it says 2 eggs and bacon.


Cheese and bacon slice .


Cheese ,egg and sausage slice .


Breakfast wrap

(Baked beans, sausage ,cheese and bacon).


Full nelson (massive wagons)

A pastry plate filled with sausage,egg,bacon,mushroom,tomato,beans,black pudding,hash brown , literally a full English breakfast on pastry £3.75


Piemans breakfast hash pie (egg,sausage , cheese,bacon tomato sauce ).


All great for early shift workers open from 7am just pre order and I’ll make sure it goes in the oven 1st 


small £3.20

Piemans Sausage Rolls.

 Homemade sausage rolls made using proper butchers sausage meat .Each week there will be plain and one pimped up option .


Simple plain sausage rolls £2 


Pimped up sausage rolls £2.30


cheese and smoked bacon.

tomato sauce and bacon .

stuffing and bacon .

cheese and marmite .

cheese and onion .

bbq chilli cheese .





Bramley Apple Pies

Filled with bramley apples and a pastry crust sprinkled with sugar ,

you can have them plain or with raspberry or black cherry 

these won Gold at the 2012 British Pie Awards

take the hint and try one


 large £5.20

Piemans pork pies 

Some amazing pork pies are available everyday like cheese and pickle , stilton, apple , cheese and onion, cheese and bacon,cranberry ,chiili cheese .£2.40 and plenty of bigger ones at Christmas .

Pork pies

Opening times 7am till 2.30 pm tue to Fri

Contact us on 07793034914

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