we have such a large variety of pies all are not available all the time but give us a little notice and we will do our best 

Steak Pies

succulent  juicy stewing steak (supplied by Loders Butchers) slow cooked to perfection with our secret seasonings


small £2.70 medium £5.70 plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 

Steak & Kidney Pies

the same slow cooked steak but with added kidney for flavour


small £2..70 med £5.70 plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 

Beef Wellington Pies

after  a visit to Harrods I pinched their idea for a pie; chopped mushrooms , a slice of Brussels pate and our wonderful steak mix and its been popular every since


small £2..70 med £5.70. plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 

Cheeky Dorset Knob Pie

this is our famous little pie thats been on telly.  Created for the Dorset Knob Fair which we attend every year. It is a filling of minced beef , worcester sauce , garden peas and onions . my youngest daughters favourite


small £2.70 med £5.70 plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 



Steak and Stilton  Pie

our wonderful steak mix with stliton cheese that melts into the gravy


small £2.70 med £5.70 plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 

Steak and Mushroom Pie

chunks of steak , pastry , gravy and woodland mushrooms

proper winter pie


small £2.70 med £5.70 plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 

Chicken Pies

chunks of steamed chicken breast in a creamy white wine sauce

you can have it plain or add one of the following

mushrooms , bacon , leeks , asparagus , curry


small £2.70 med £5.70 plate £6.50 deep filled £6.50 large £7.60 


these are great for buffets & salads .

 we use local mature cheddar (Wykes Farm)

for that extra cheesy taste then add fillings

of your choice from mushrooms , tomato ,

spinach ,peppers , asapargus , bacon ,onions

pineapple ,


small £2.10 medium £5 large £6 ex large £11 





Homity Pie

a war time pie made by the land girls due to rationing of meat.

Diced maris piper potatoes mixed with garlic , herbs , onions , mature cheddar and milk and baked with extra cheese on top. Lovely served warm with homemade coleslaw


small £2.70 medium £5.70 large £7.60 



Somerset Pasty , minced beef , potatoe and vegetables


Scottish black pudding Pasty, Black pudding cheese and bacon 

Spring Pasty , minced lamb , spinach and mint


Glasty Pasty , potatoe , cheddar cheese  and onion 


Guest pasties ,,,,

pork/Apple & stuffing pasties 

chicken curry pasties

Pork Apple and stilton 

haggis pasties 

all £2.70 



Breakfast pies 

The Breakfast Pie has an egg , sausage meat , bacon

tomato , mushroom and tomato sauce


The Egg and Bacon Pie  is as it says 2 eggs and bacon


both great for early shift workers


small £2.70 medium £5.70 

Sausage Rolls

we use free range pork sausage meat with added black pepper

and sage and wrapped in pastry


small £1.50 jumbo £2.70 fancy £1.75 


Bramley Apple Pies

filled with bramley apples and a pastry crust sprinkled with sugar ,

you can have them plain or with raspberry or black cherry 

these won Gold at the 2012 British Pie Awards

take the hint and try one


small £1.50  large £5 

weird and wonderful pies

when i get a little bored my mind wonders and all sorts of pies are then made .

here is a few .....

Clangers , suet pasrty with one end sweet and the other end savoury.we have had gammon cider and cheese with apple cinnamon and spicy chicken with caramel banana.


Nandos chicken pie , piri piri spices with lemon and herb sauce .


World cup pies ranging from lasagna in a pie , sauerkraut pasties, chicken and nachos pastie , chorizo pasties, japanese sushi pasties and brazilian pulled pork pasties .


Pork pies and farmhouse pies can be found around christmas time


feel free to enquire about with your own flavours , sizes and challenge me



Pork pies